Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Historical Contribution: 1961, Stamey, Renovascular Hypertension

Stamey TA, Nudelman IJ, Good PH, Schwentker FN, Hendricks F. Functional Characteristics of Renovascular Hypertension. Medicine. 1961. 40(4):347-94.


Thomas A. Stamey, MD
Shortly before leaving the Brady for Stamford University, where he served as chairman of urology for 26 years, Thomas A. Stamey, MD, wrote authored a 50 page manuscript summarizing the state-of-the-art of renovascular hypertension (RVH). Early in his career, Dr. Stamey was recognized as one of the world's experts on RVH and renal physiology.

This wonderfully written manuscript summarizes the existing literature regarding on RVH and comprehensively covers the range of diseases that encompass RVH from unilateral to bilateral disease, characteristics of treatable disease and the evaluation and management of many patients. Marrying the scientific literature with his clinical experience, Stamey enables the reader to understand the concepts and clinical significance of RVH as they relate to renal physiology.

While the diagnostic options and management strategies for RVH have changed dramatically from the 1960's, this manuscript offers a fascinating insight into the disease at this time period. Importantly, Stamey offers an algorithmic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients to assist practitioners in deciphering this complex disease state.

To read the entire manuscript: follow the link above, visit the Centennial Website or click here.

HISTORICAL CONTRIBUTIONS highlight the greatest academic manuscripts from the Brady Urological Institute over the past 100 years.  As the Brady Urological Institute approaches its centennial, we will present a HISTORICAL CONTRIBUTION from each of the past 100 years.  In the most recent experience, the most highly cited article from each year is selected; older manuscripts were selected based on their perceived impact on the field.  We hope you enjoy! 


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