Friday, June 6, 2014

100 Years of Urological History: The Brady Centennial Approaches

The Brady Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins opened January 21, 1915.  The Brady has a long standing history of excellence and discovery in the diagnosis and treatment of urological disease.  In preparation for the momentous celebration, we launch a webpage celebrating the rich history of urology as it happened through our Institute.  On the webpage you will find:

  • Our greatest discoveries
  • Brief biographies of a number of important figures in our history:
    • James Buchanan "Diamond Jim" Brady, our benefactor
    • The four Directors of the Brady Urological Institute:
      • Hugh Hampton Young
      • William Wallace Scott
      • Patrick C. Walsh
      • Alan W. Partin
  • Historic Books with full biographies of HH Young, WW Scott
  • Classic Photos and Videos 
  • Presentations by Dr. Patrick C. Walsh and Donald S. Coffey reviewing the historical narrative or the Brady Urological Institute
While the centennial will be celebrating our Institute, we will review the history of urology through the last century in the framework of the "Heritage of Excellence" at Johns Hopkins.  Over the upcoming months, we will be introducing some of the more intriguing and interesting parts of our history through this blog.  This page will be continuously updated with links to the website and entries as they become available.  

We look forward to sharing our history with you!

Check out our Centennial Website by clicking here.

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